Week 4 – Still Life

For this task, we had to use random objects and position them to make a new composition. When I first looked into the box of objects, I noticed that there were quite a few pink items which caught my attention. I decided to play around with the presentation of one main colour and so I chose a plain, grey background so as not to draw the viewer’s attention away from the pink colours in the frame. The first photo I took, I noticed that the top of the background sheet could be seen and so I adjusted the position of my camera so it couldn’t be seen in the subsequent photos. I tried to angle the lens in a way that the flowers were (mostly) facing the camera so the yellow in the flower’s centre could be seen to provide a little contrast in all of the pink. I also experimented with different levels of light to see how shadows affect the composition. The third photo below was lit from just the right side which I didn’t like as it created too much shadow in the background. I also moved the camera round to the left slightly to see how this new position would affect the overall look of the photo, however, I didn’t like this new position as it removed the 3D effect that the positioning of the objects created and made the set-up look very flat and unidimensional.

DSCF1414 DSCF1416 DSCF1417


I played around with different angles and different intensities of light until I had a photograph which I was happy with. The photograph shown below is my favourite as the camera is positioned perfectly to see all the levels in the frame and the lighting is at a point where every item can be clearly seen with minimal shadows in the background, but there is not too much light that the contrasting colours lose their overall effect.

My final photograph
My final photograph

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